Monday, February 16, 2009

Charlotte: "Imagine, being blind and not being able to see a beautiful day like today. Can you think of anything worse?

Anthony: "Stonewashed Jeans and a matching Jacket"
~Sex and the City

Alright, So Jeans. ALWAYS tricky. Harder to find than bathing suits for some. If your a woman, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Now unless your fifteen, 5'6 and a size 2, your probably going to have to look somewhere besides Abercrombie and Fitch and Hollister- but thats okay! Designer jeans have officially made their comeback and it doens't look like they're going anywhere soon. So its time to empty out your piggy bank or whip out your AmEx and head off to to the mall. Ideally, the best place to buy said designer jeans would be somewhere like Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Saks, or Neimans. All of these stores have many locations, and almost every state has at least one. They will provide a great deal of help and won't (usually) let you leave the store looking bad. Now if your lucky, you'll know of a great specialty boutique which carries an amazing selection of all of the great designer jean brands. My personal favorite? Len Druskin. Its located in Edina in Minnesota. Never mind the fact that they have the most amazing selection of clothes arguably in Minneapolis, but their jeans- outstanding. They carry all of the important designers and their jean experts will never let you down. Now your probably wondering, what jean do I pick, well here is Garment Envy's guide to the perfect jean, fit and wash just for you.

These are the most common designer labels.

7 for all Mankind- Sevens run small, so be carful when ordering on line. The are best for slim waists. They have some extra room in the thighs, but have very little wiggle room in the waist- so if you want a pair of these, there will be no pretending your a 27 when your a 29, they won't fit.
True Religion- These are my personal favorite. You'll wear them for 10 minutes and it will feel like your in leggings. They won't loose shape, but will form to your body sooo comfortable. TRs usually will look good on everyone. Their horseshoe flap pocket is a great asset for those lacking in the back.
J Brand- I think this is a great brand for the older woman. They fit well, and classically, and there are no major designs going on on the butt pocket. Excellent for the sophisticated mother who wants a great pair of jeans.
Joe's Jeans- God's gift to the curvy and the petite. The provocateur cut is one of the few designers who have a short inseam as well as a high knee break. This elongates the leg and makes for a great shorter cut. While there are other labels that make the petit cut, I'd vote for Joe's option, It really looks the best on all types of petite figures. The Honey is a great option for the curvier woman, it provides both lift and shape and creates a great look. Joes also carries some great general jeans and an amazing skinny jean.
Citizens of Humanity- I love Citizens boot cut dark wash jeans. They are killer. Many of them almost have a trouser look to them, which is fabulous for those more dressed up denim events.
Rock and Republic- these have fabulous pockets. They are so pretty, especially the sparkly ones. This brand is often has a low rise, snug-fitting fit. They are a great jean and like the TRs won't loose their shape with several wears.
Paige Premium Denim- These are also a nice more sophisticated design. They have a pretty generic back pocket with either a button flap or just an arch. They look great in dark washes and are excellent for the curvier body.

In general, all of these jeans will run you more than the average pair...
The True Religions are generally from $200-350
J Brand and Joe's will be on the less expensive side costing between $150 and $200
Citizens, Paige, and Sevens are also in the same price range from about $175-$250
Last, Rock & Republic will be about $180-$250.

Other things to remember....

**Darker washes are always more slimming and considered fancier for occasions
**Unless your Gisele, your going to need them tailored, usually just hemmed- its not that big of a deal, and even if its only an inch, its better to get them taken up than having a hem that your consistently stepping on
**Buy the size that fits, not the number you like, you'll be happier
**Always, always take someone jean shopping with you, sometimes your mind can be clouded by a sale or a really cute pair and your don't even realize they don't look that good

Have a Great Day!
In order of appearance.... Sevens, Rock & Republic, Paige, True Religion, Joe's, J Brand, and Citizens.
7 For All Mankind Women's Bootcut Jeans with Crystal Squiggle in Soho Wash: Exclusively at Bloomingdale's Rock & Republic Women's "Kasandra" Bootcut Jeans in Pandora Wash Paige Premium Denim Women's "Laurel Canyon" Jeans in McKinley Wash
True Religion Women's "Joey" Flare Leg Jeans in Lonestar Joe's Jeans Women's "Muse" Jeans in Harvey Wash J Brand Women's "Love story Heartbreaker" 19" Jeans in Ink
Citizens of Humanity Women's "Kelly" Bootcut Jeans in La Seine Wash

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