Saturday, February 21, 2009

I Really like Dresses, and I Really Like Shoes

I love dresses. I wish more people my age wore dresses on a daily basis. Jeans and Ts seem to be the general look that my age group goes for- but I do try not to fall to far into the mold. I mean everyone loves a great pair of jeans and but lets try some girly tops ladies...or perhaps the classic polo oxford revd up with some fun accessories. Its not that difficult-seriously. Oh, and Shoes. If I had a dollar for every time I got in the elevator in my building and saw shoes that made me want to vomit I would be a millionaire. Sad? yes. Mean? perhaps- but come on. I'm so over the girls who claim to care about how they look and say they care about fashion and then they walk around in trashy tennis shoes or even strange combat type boots- oh thats just my favorite. Yesterday, I was walking to class and this less than pristine girl came up to me and told me she loved my outfit and she loved how I always dressed very well. Bless her heart she was so sweet, but then she went on to say that she too makes a daily effort to put together cute outfits and sport cute shoes. I smiled and thanked God when my phone raing. I told her to have a lovely day and went on with mine. She was wearing lace up hiking boots, brown leggings, and long grey college hoody and essentailly no pants (apparently at my school, leggings count as pants, I don't agree, however, I'm getting used to it). I chuckled to myself about this for the rest of the day. As I said in an earlier post, I love Tory Burch and ususally wont stray from her comfortable easy flats and sometimes her heels. Shes fabulous and deserves some kind of flat award, seriously. Anways, back to the moral of this story-if your going to actually try and your telling people your trying- please try. One of the reasons that I love dresses so much is because they are so easy! You have a much greater chance of not messing up than you do wearing multiple pieces at once. Find a cute flowy dress (I'm not even having a hooker-dress disucssion on here, because please I'm going to hope that my fabulous and classy readers are over that time in their lives, although I have noticed some of my peers are not) throw on some flats or heels, depending on the day, grab a cute long necklace or perhaps your signature short, and your ready to go! So simple, and yet so great. Here are some really great options for some fun summer looks this spring- and some great idea for spring break I know everyone is counting down to.
Juicy Couture Chrysanthemum Print Dress

adorable Juicy beach coverup from Nordstrom

Diane von Furstenberg 'Tedesca' Dress

spring dress- will be very flattering
with ruffles- DVF at Nordstrom

Juicy Couture 'Fruity' Silk Dress Have a wedding to attend this spring / summer? Graduation Party? This is a great dress for any occation. It has a great print and the colors will compliment any skin tone- Juicy at Nordstrom

Moschino Colorblock Sandal These are Adorable. Trust me, with a great dress like the DVF one above these Moschino shoes will top off the look- Nordstrom

Tory Burch 'Reva' Metallic Leather Espadrille Flat
I haven't been so excited for a spring shoe in a while. These are perfect flats for a casual beachy look- Tory Burch- Nordstorm

ChloƩ Leather Pump

These Chloe shoes will top off any outfit, can go from day to night, and in general are an extremely necessary spring / summer pick for this year.

Have a great weekend, and PS. don't forget to watch the awards on Sunday and check out
the amazing fashion on E! before hand!

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  1. Collection of Nordstrom dresses and shoes both are amazed me!! I just like them so much!!