Sunday, February 15, 2009

Important Literature

I just finished up the last of this months crucial reading- the fashion magazines. Don't get me wrong, the tabloids are good too, but nothing compares to Vogue, In Style, Teen Vogue, and Elle. These are my favorites. I'm also a fan of a good Glamour. Thats more of a guilty pleasure whereas the others are what I consider mandatory reading to be informed. In the way that some believe you should read the paper and watch the news everyday, I think its important for those interested in fashion, trends, and clothes in general to at least follow on of the major magazines monthly. They really show you whats going on in the world of apparel. I also think they are crucial because they often will point out really special salons, boutiques, and spas that have the best stylists and services. One little piece of advice: When in doubt, no matter where in the country you are, Aveda is always a safe bet. Its a rule I always follow and it has never failed.

On another Literature note, there are some books that I'd like to share. I think that they all have some really good advice and insight.
-First, two of my favorite books are by Nina Garcia. The Little Black Book of Style is the first, and the second is The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own. these are both really good books, I love them both. Nina has such an amazing take on style which she creatively shows through her books.
-Second, all of the In Style books. There are a few of them and I love them all- especially the one on beauty. Walking the streets sometimes I wish I could just kindly tell some people that "less is more" without implying they look like a clown (although, often, they do!)
-Third, Influence by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Yes, I put this on my list. Everyone gives these two girls so much crap and says they have no idea what they are talking about- but lets remember, they have grown up around fashion all of their lives. They know designers and they know the business. The interviews and what they have to say in this book are all quite interesting. I'd say its worth picking up a copy.

Well, I'm off to an afternoon of doing homework and watching some Sex and the City, so have a lovely Sunday everyone!
In Style: Secrets of Style: The Complete Guide to Dressing Your Best Every Day

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